Get your alu-cap from the shelf, women and children first! They are coming to visit us before the End Of The World in 2012.

The video clip was shot south of Stansted Airport in Essex. But is it real?
Just five days later, startled Beeb sports journalist Mike Sewell saw a near-identical UFO less than ten miles away over the village of Cottered, Herts.

Mike, 41 – who works for Radio 5 Live – said it too was bright and “disc-shaped”.
Describing what he saw, the BBC man went on: “I saw this big light in the sky descending towards the road.
“As it got closer it banked to the left. It went cross-country.
“I could see underneath and it wasn’t an aeroplane.”

The month before a strange sighting in the skies of Brazil kept people talking: