ben-x-musicalThe tragic death of the 17 year old “Ben” in 2002 inspired Nic Balthazar and Lou Berghmans to make the movie Ben X (2007). In 2012 BenX gets a new chance to give the public a look inside his difficult life.


Ben is different. We see this in the way he gets up, washes himself, gets dressed, eats,…with all sorts of rituals and according to established patterns every day. We even notice it in his manner towards his mother and little brother.
It shows when he walks in the streets with his walkman on his head with loud and booming music, tensed and very insecure…

His life is a universe to itself, where he plays his favourite online computer game “Archlord” avidly, trying hard to train himself for the real world he lives in. The harsh world of a technical school is for him a daily kind of hell and drives him to extremes.

As the horror of being a daily subject to bullying grows, Ben devises a plan. Then Scarlite comes into his life, the girl he has met in his on-line game. That wasn’t part of the plan…

Musical Producer “Musical van Vlaanderen” brings a musical version of the eponymous film by NicBalthazar, who also previously wrote a book about Ben X. It is based on the true story of a boy from Ghent, who committed suicide by jumping from Castle “Gravensteen” in 2002.

The musical BenX plays in Gent and Antwerp, starting in september 2012.


  • Leendert de Vis – Ben
  • Jorien Zeevaart – Scarlite
  • Peter Van de Velde – Father
  • Marleen van der Loo – Mother

Musical directed by: Frank van Laecke
Production: Musical van Vlaanderen