A man in a H & M in Brussels has caught a 4-year old girl that just felt of the escalator.

“I heard screams, looked up and saw that one child out of the sky fell. I crossed my arms and she fell straight into it. A miracle,” says Matteo Ianiri (54) in the Brussels in the Flemish newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws.


The four-year-old girl Philine from Nivelles escaped to the attention of her parents to an upper floor. She crawled on the railing of the escalator. She fell over and fell down.

Matteo is still emotional about the event. He is fortunate that he was a little later in the shop, -he took the tram instead of the car. “If you’re thinking that such a banal choice as a tram or car has ensured that I am at the right time in the right place was, it feels incredible to. In all other cases, the girl was dead. She fell twenty meters downwards. ”

The H & M was closed immediately after the fall. The staff provides psychological assistance for the personel.